How long are my Membership Portal Benefits good for?

Your Membership Benefits are available to you for the duration of your plan. Once your plan ends, you will no longer have access to the Portal, Partner Benefits, or the content within it.

May I download content from the Membership Portal?

Yes, you may download items like marketing material, lesson plans, class sequences, best practices, and other text based items. You may not download the tutorial or class videos or other video based items.

Will Membership Benefits change?

Yes, from time to time we may modify the program based on the evolution of our business, our partnerships, and your needs. We will always do our best to provide you ample notice of these changes and we will always work to supplement existing benefits with additional benefits, as well as continue to offer benefits that support your growth.

What if I sign up to take a Teacher Training, when will I receive access to the Membership Portal?

If you are not an AIReal Yoga Teacher but sign up for an AIReal Yoga Teacher Training, you will receive access to the portal upon completion of your Teacher Training. Your Portal Membership will begin once payment is received.

May I share my Account with other individuals?

No, you may not share your account information to allow others to access the Portal. This information is intended to support your personal growth as a teacher and business entrepreneur. We ask that you please honor your commitment to us and respect that each account is intended for personal use, only. The creation, maintenance, and management of the Membership Portal is with our collective best interests and success in mind. Let us please work together to uphold this commitment to one another.

May I share the information in the Membership Portal with other individuals?

No, you may not share the information provided to you within the Membership Portal. This information is intended to support you in your growth as a teacher and business entrepreneur. It is intended for the use of Membership Program Members, only. Any distribution of information or content without our written approval is not allowed.

What are the AY Membership Program Cancellation Terms?

You may cancel your AY Partner Agreement with 60 days written notice. At the end of those 30-days, you will be reimbursed for any unused portion of the plan.

Will you be adding new Membership Partner Benefits?

Yes, as we continue to grow, develop, and establish new business partnerships, where applicable we will add new benefits into the program.

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